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Ericka McIntyre

Professional Editing & 
Writing Services



I offer writing, editing, copyediting, and proofreading services. I work on everything from blogs to full-length books, both fiction and nonfiction. I can help you craft content that is polished, professional, and error-free. No job is too big or too small! I also offer book query and proposal review and publishing consulting services. Have a question about what I can do? Contact me! Let's talk.   

"What does each type of editing entail?" you may wonder. Here's a quick breakdown: 


Development Editing:  This is a thorough, macro-level examination of your manuscript, and is the first step in the editing process. This type of edit is the most involved and time consuming. I look at every aspect of your book to see if it is organized correctly, makes sense, all the plot lines work, all the characters belong, etc. A book may look substantially different post-DE. 

Copyediting: This is fine-tuning of your development edited manuscript. Here I check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistent use of terms, etc. This is a more micro-level edit. A book will look much the same after CE--it will just be polished up to a high shine.  

Proofreading: Proofreading happens after a book has been laid out in a design program. Here, I check for bad breaks in text, layout issues, art issues, and also read the entire text to check for typos. This is the last stage of edit before a book is printed or sold as an ebook. 

Content Creation
Proofreading and Copyediting



I am an editor and writer and have worked for a variety of employers and clients in media and publishing, including being the Editor-in-Chief and then Editor-at Large of Writer's Digest, and working as an editor with and for traditional publishers like Teachers College Press (Columbia University), Indiana University Press, and Adams Media (an imprint of Simon & Schuster).


I can write anything from a grocery list to a full-length book, fiction or nonfiction (and if you're like me, half your grocery lists end up being fiction at some point!). I write, edit, copyedit, and proofread for individual authors, publishers of fiction and nonfiction, books and magazines, marketing and advertising agencies, and more. You name the format, subject matter, or genre, and I have put red pencil down in it somewhere!

A bookworm since I learned what a book (and for that matter, a worm) was, I honor writers’ voices, clients’ guidelines, and I work efficiently, always with good cheer. 

I love working with writers to help them polish their prose, and one of my favorite things is demystifying the publishing process for new authors. Have questions about this crazy business we call books? Contact me! 



“Ericka's quality of work and extreme reliability ensures her place among my top-tier freelance writers. Whenever I need someone to do an interview or succinctly encapsulate an idea for a wide audience, Ericka is my go-to talent. We’ve even paid her to do edits to others’ pieces when needed, and she’s filled in beautifully. Her years of experience are evident whenever you work with her.”— Phil Armstrong, Managing Editor, Cincinnati Refined

“I’m currently writing an historical fiction series that starts just before the American Civil War and carries through to its conclusion. We’ve put out four books in the series so far, with several more in the works. I have to say, I thought my books were ‘pretty good’ before I had Ericka take a look at them, but now with her help I think they have gone to a whole new level, and the multiple five-star reviews seem to bear that out. At this point I wouldn’t even think about putting out a book without first having her diligent, thoughtful, and intuitive eyes on it!” – Chris Bennett, Author, Road to the Breaking series

"I hired Ericka as a developmental editor for my first novel after receiving her name from a trusted friend. I was a bit intimidated when I read her resume! I honestly couldn’t be happier as Ericka has been a delight to work with as she guided me to refine my characters and clarify my plot, all while being careful to protect my story. Ericka is punctual and thorough. I sincerely hope I get to hug her one day in person!"Barbara Dullaghan, Author, Guilt Will Lead the Way

"I've worked with Ericka since 2012 when I began my writing journey. She has edited three of my novels as well as a non-fiction memoir. Her talent and experience in all phases of writing, editing, and publishing are amazing. She is a no-nonsense professional in all senses of the word. She has lifted me professionally higher than I could have ever imagined. She'll help you too."Barry Kienzle, Award-Winning Author

“Ericka copyedited my debut novel in 2020. Her insight and numerous corrections significantly improved my work. I credit her meticulous effort for the best-selling success of my indie thriller. She made sure my book was professional and polished, and I am currently utilizing her skills on my second novel as well. She is affordable and honestly worth double what she charges. If you want your self-published novel to blend with the traditional market, hire Ericka. She will edit your words to allow a seamless read for your audience."Shira Shiloah,  Author, EMERGENCE

"Ericka is a fine editor with a keen eye for the superfluous and whatever else weakens a text. But her real strengths as an editor are positive and twofold: She quickly recognizes what is really working and akin to that, she finds and encourages the writer’s voice. The result is a coherent book that seems to have easily flowed from the author’s vision."Murray Bodo, Franciscan Priest and Author

"Ericka provided editorial services for my historical fiction children's chapter book. She gave a good, clear review. Along with her comments and critique, Ericka provided encouragement to me as a self-published author, as well. Her review was done in a timely manner, always communicating where she was in the editorial process."Patricia Danna, M.A.Ed.

“Ericka is a gift to authors and publishers! She is as skilled as she is passionate, and she genuinely cares about her clients and their stories. She views projects not merely as work, but as missionsand it is her personal mission to empower her clients as storytellers, authors and entrepreneurs. Most editors know how to write and edit well enough. But Ericka is an expert on the complete publishing process, someone who can truly partner with an author to turn an idea not simply into a book, but into a successful one.”Jennifer Scroggins, Co-president/Director of Client Services at Blue Crane Communications

Ericka has the ability to enter fully into the world of a manuscript and the skill to pinpoint exactly what does and doesn’t work. (She once saved a heroine of mine from a “too stupid to live” moment.) I greatly appreciate her development editing of my novels. She improved them without changing their essence. She also made me feel that my projects were the most important items on her desk. If you want excellent professional skills and workable solutions delivered with thoughtfulness, candor, and friendliness, Ericka is the editor for you.Gerri Bauer, author of the Persimmon Hollow Legacy series

“Ericka will give you exactly what you need in a way that makes you know that she cares deeply and wants to help you achieve your best.”Dan Flanigan, author of the Peter O'Keefe series




Questions? Comments? Need an editor or proofreader? Want to publish but don't know where to start? Email me! Fill in the form and I will contact you ASAP.

Thanks for submitting!

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