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Hiring and Working with Freelancers

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Hello dear readers! It's Wednesday, so I am back on YouTube. This time, I'm talking about hiring and working with freelancers on your book.

Whether you're looking for editorial help, design work, or even marketing and promotion, there are all sorts of service providers you can hire. But how do you know who'll be the best fit? How much might you have to pay them? It can all get very confusing. In my video, I try to clear this up!

You should hire professionals to work on your book in the same way you'd hire someone to cut your hair, fix your car, or drill your teeth. If you wouldn't hire just anybody for these jobs, you shouldn't hire just anyone to work on your book!

To find and vet freelancers, here are some very valuable links (bookmark these!):

Alli (Alliance of Independent Authors)

Interview and vet any potential freelancer the way you would any service provider. Request a sample edit of 5-10 pages if a freelancer is newer to the business. Ask to see a list of other books they've worked on that might be similar to yours.

If you wouldn't stiff your mechanic, then don't stiff your freelancer. Wondering how much you might need to pay? This chart from the EFA can be very instructive.

If you know other writers, ask them who they've used and liked. You can search Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

Still have questions? Drop me a line, leave me a comment over on YouTube, or Tweet me!

As always, happy reading, keep writing, and stay tuned!



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