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My Advice on Publishing Your Own Book

Hello dear readers! I know that this summer was not...what we wanted or expected. But for me at least, it was not all bad (and I hope it wasn't all bad for you, either!). I moved into a fantastic new place (my new workspace is so much better and I am already discovering how much more productive I can be!); I had the opportunity to contribute my thoughts on this crazy business we call publishing in a couple of my favorite places; I got to work on some fantastic books; and now as we start fall, I am taking my first writing workshop in quite a while—something something lemons, something something lemonade.

Last month, I sat down once again with New Shelves Books for their fantastic weekly webcast, Free Advice Fridays. The replay is here. I think this may have been the most fun I've ever had talking about books and publishing. Host Keri Barnum made me feel right at home (well, I was at home...ha!), and the audience asked such great questions. In the cast, I break down the differences among all the levels of editing, why professional design matters, how much you should expect to pay your freelancers, and lots more.

Another thing I did last month was write a blog for Gotham Ghostwriters. You can find it here. In “7 Steps You Can’t Afford to Skip When Publishing a Book,” I break down many of the moving parts involved in book production. If you are self-publishing, you simply cannot cut corners if you want to be successful. You have to invest in your book as you would any business; when done right, a self-published book is indistinguishable from a traditionally published one. But the key word there: right. There is definitely a wrong way and a right way to go about this. I have seen both over my career and I am always happy to share what I know to help new self-publishers avoid making mistakes.

If you are someone who enjoys hearing me talk about books and writing, you have two chances to catch me this month, both with the Mercantile Library. First up is on Tuesday, 10/20, for their Tuesday Book Chats on Instagram. The second is on Thursday, 10/29, for their Writers' Room series.

I'm also available one-on-one to answer your specific questions about your book. I give potential new clients a free half-hour consultation, which we can do by phone, Zoom, or email, in a pinch. If we have a fruitful discussion, and you're considering hiring me, I'll take a look at your first 20 pages. This allows me to get a sense for your writing style, the shape your manuscript is in, and so on. I work on both fiction and nonfiction. I can help you find proofreaders, designers, and sales and marketing help as well. (Note: If you're set on publishing traditionally, I can help you, too! I can polish your manuscript and/or proposal, and help you find agents to query.) If this sounds like something you'd like to do, email me! I'm booking appointments for November now.

As always, happy reading and KEEP WRITING!


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Skteve John
Skteve John
Jun 01, 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insightful article on publishing one's own book. Your advice, including the emphasis on careful planning, meticulous editing, and the utilization of professional assistance, particularly ghostwriters, throughout the publishing process, is both practical and inspiring. Your expertise shines through in your well-structured and engaging writing style. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with the writing community. I look forward to reading more of your valuable content.

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