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Tune in this Friday to Free Advice Fridays!

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog.

Wanted to make a quick post today to share something with you that I'm really excited about. I am going to be doing a webcast this Friday, May 15, at 10 AM EST with Amy Collins of New Shelves Books.

Every Friday, Amy and her guests do a fun, free-wheeling, AMA-style cast, to talk about publishing, Amazon, ebooks, agents, self-publishing, editing, writing...basically, this crazy business we call books! I am so thrilled that she asked me to participate.

I hope you will join us. It is totally free, and you can register here, and even submit questions you're just dying to ask beforehand. I hope you'll tune in! If you can't though, no worries--there will be a rebroadcast available to watch whenever you like.

One of my favorite things to do is talk to writers about writing, so any chance that I get to do that, I always take. March 2nd of this year I was the guest at the Mercantile Library's Writers' Night, and I also did a Facebook Live with the Merc several weeks ago about writing in these strange and stressful times we are living in. You can watch that cast here. (Forgive the technical difficulties at the beginning; we're bookworms, not broadcasters!)

Happy reading and happy writing,



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