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Common Mistakes I See in Manuscripts and How to Avoid Them

Hello dear readers. It has been a minute since I've posted a new YouTube video. But I'm back! Today, I'm talking about some of the most common mistakes I see in the manuscripts I edit, and how you can avoid them.

I've been editing books for 20 years, 10 of those as a freelancer. It is my raison d'etre, and the thing I love most in the world. I edit from one to three books per month, depending upon their length, complexity, etc. This is how I make my living and I thank my lucky stars every day for it!

There are definitely some things that I have seen writers do over and over again through the years. In my video, I tackle these. From the impulse to dump all your research on a reader at once in historical fiction, to dry dialogue tags, to having one of your characters speak what subconsciously you know as the writer is wrong with a scene, to writing memoir as if it is a book report, to whether you should put one or two spaces after a period (it's one. This is non-negotiable. Sorry, Twitter)—I have advice.

So take a gander at the video, and as ever, let me know what questions you have. Tweet me, email me, or comment below!

As always, happy reading, keep writing, and stay tuned!



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